This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of attending Aran Goyoaga's Food + Capture workshop with Sunday Suppers. Aran taught us about her process of cooking, styling and photographing the culinary world around her. It was a combination of boundless creativity and business chat, which made for a uniquely inspiring day.

Authenticity is Aran's guiding principle. Her styling is true to the food's natural state, and she is not overly fussy about the plating. She uses natural lighting in her photography, only subtly enhanced with Lightroom in post. Even her business philosophy centered on being true to her personal values and creative goals. We talked about using social media to create an authentic story while still curating a beautiful feed, in order to get work. It's not an easy balance to strike, but I think time and again we are reminded that the more authentically ourselves we are, the more we will be rewarded for it. 


Authenticity as a creative philosophy and business ethos creates a powerful union between two often opposing ideas